Agriculture & Rural Development

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When you think of Michigan agriculture, what comes to mind? Is it cows, plows, and overalls? Or, do you think of a cutting edge, growing business sector which generates $71.3 billion in total economic activity in Michigan and employs 1 million people? If you chose the latter, you are absolutely correct.

Agri-food businesses touch the daily lives of every Michigan consumer from the food you eat, the milk you drink, and the gas you put in your car. It employs approximately 24 percent of working Michiganians, making the state’s agri-business system Michigan’s second largest industry and vital to our economic engine.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) promotes agricultural interests of the state and develops safeguards to protect the public from disease and unsanitary conditions in connection with food production and food handling, product labeling, dairy products, animals, and plants. The department's responsibilities in the field of consumer protection include the enforcement of laws relating to food, standard weights and measures, farm produce storage, and dairy products; inspection and enforcement of animal health; regulation of pari-mutuel horse racing; control of plant pests and diseases; and inspection of beans and perishable fruits and vegetables.

MDARD has a longstanding history of being cooperative problem-solvers for its constituents and stakeholders. This includes staff at all levels of MDARD, such as field inspectors empowered to resolve issues; to staff that assist with process licensing; to workgroups convened to find solutions through the development of public policy.

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:
Dairy Industry Field Scientist Metrologist
Environmental Sanitarian Plant Industry Field Scientist
Food Industry Field Scientist Resources Analyst
Fruit/Vegetable Inspector Veterinarian
Laboratory Scientist Veterinarian Technician
Laboratory Technician Weights/Measures Inspector
Plant Industry Field Scientist
Resources Analyst
Veterinarian Technician
Weights/Measures Inspector
Central Office: Lansing
Laboratories: East Lansing and Williamston
Various Field Locations

Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development
525 W. Allegan Street, P.O. Box 30017
Lansing, Michigan 48909
(517) 373-1057 (Voice)
(800) 292-3939 (TTY)

Attorney General

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The Attorney General is the chief lawyer and law enforcement officer for the State of Michigan. When public legal matters arise, the Attorney General renders opinions on matters of law and provides legal counsel for the legislature and for each officer, department, board, and commission of state government.

The Attorney General provides legal representation in court actions and assists in the conduct of official hearings held by state agencies. In addition, the Attorney General may intervene in any lawsuit, criminal or civil, in the interest of the people of the State of Michigan. The Attorney General also possesses some investigative powers, including the power to request grand jury investigations.

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:
Attorney General Investigator
Legal Secretary
Staff Attorney/Senior Attorney
Central Office: Lansing
Other Office: Detroit
Office of the Attorney General
525 W. Ottawa Street
P.O. Box 30212
Lansing, Michigan 48909
(517) 373-1114 (Voice)

Auditor General

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The Office of the Auditor General was established by the state constitution within the legislative branch of state government. It is responsible for conducting financial and performance audits of state government operations. The resulting audit reports provide a continuing flow of information to assist the legislature in its oversight of state government, providing citizens with a measure of accountability.

Audits also assist state agencies in improving the financial management and the effectiveness, efficiency, and economy of their activities and programs. The Office of the Auditor General is divided into four areas of responsibility. The largest area, the Bureau of Audit Operations, is responsible for planning and conducting audits and reporting audit results. The other three areas provide support services.

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:
Assistant Auditor General
Central Office: Lansing Office of the Auditor General
201 N. Washington Square, Suite 600
Lansing, Michigan 48913
(517) 334-8050 (Voice)

Civil Rights

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The Department of Civil Rights, under the Michigan Civil Rights Commission, works to eliminate and prevent unlawful discrimination. It accomplishes this through five (5) major programs and services:  complaint investigation, mediation, outreach/education, community relations, and legal affairs.  The department works to prevent discrimination through education and coalition-building activities, by resolving complaints informally, and by
intervening in community tensions. The agency also advises employers and prospective state contractors on civil rights laws and equal opportunity standards, and prepares materials on civil rights laws and services.

Civil rights laws extend protections against unlawful discrimination to every resident in and visitor to the state of Michigan.

The Michigan Department of Civil Rights offers career opportunities for those interested in civil rights, advocacy, diversity, inclusion and tolerance.  MDCR enforces the state’s civil rights laws.

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:
Administrative Law Examiner/Specialist
Civil Rights Representative

Central Office: Lansing
Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Marquette

Michigan Department of Civil Rights
Office of Human Resources
3054 West Grand Boulevard
Suite 3-600
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 456-3788 (Voice)
(313) 456-3791 (FAX)
(517) 241-1965 (TTY) (Email)

Civil Service

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The Civil Service Commission is the central Human Resources agency serving 50,000 employees and partnering with all departments in Michigan state government.  As such, jobs within the Commission encompass all aspects of human resources.  Examples of HR functions handled by the Commission include recruitment and hiring, compensation, benefits, training, employee/labor relations, classifying jobs, and human resources policy-development as required by the Michigan constitution.

Some functions are handled centrally, such as compensation, benefits, classifying jobs, policy-development, and the MI HR employee call center.  Others are handled by professionals located on site in each state department.  Whatever the function may be, this is an exciting time for us as we work together as a team to provide collaborative enterprise-wide services to meet current and future HR demands.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in human resources, this is the agency in state government.

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:

Human Resources Analyst/Specialist
Human Resources Assistant
Human Resources Developer/Specialist
Human Resources Customer Service Representative
Departmental Analyst
Departmental Technician
State Administrative Manager
State Office Administrator

Central Office: Lansing
Regional Office: Detroit

Michigan Civil Service Commission
400 S. Pine Street; P.O. Box 30002
Lansing, Michigan 48909
(517) 373-3030 or (800) 788-1766 (Voice)
(517) 335-0191 (TTY)


Detroit Regional Office
Cadillac Place, Suite 4-400, 4th Fl.
3042 West Grand Blvd.
Detroit, MI  48202
(313) 456-4400 (Voice)
(313) 456-4409 (TTY)

Community Health

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The Department of Community Health (DCH) is responsible for the development of state health policy and the management of the state’s publicly funded health service systems.

DCH provides and coordinates mental health services for individuals with a mental illness, developmental disability, or a substance use problem. DCH funds drug law enforcement, treatment, education, and prevention programs, and administers the crime victims’ rights fund.

DCH is responsible for health needs assessment, health promotion, vital records, disease prevention, and accessibility to appropriate health care for all Michigan residents.

The department regulates health professionals in Michigan who licensed or registered and also licenses health care facilities in Michigan. 
Services are planned and delivered through these integrated components:

Medicaid provides healthcare coverage for more than 1.6 million Michigan residents who are eligible for Medicaid coverage under federal guidelines. Services covered include inpatient and outpatient hospital services, physician services, health screening for eligible children, maternity services, pharmacy, medical supplies and equipment, nursing, mental health care, community-based care, and other services.

The department's Mental Health Services are primarily provided through contracts with 46 Community Mental Health Services Programs (CMHSP) and 18 Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans (PIHP). These programs provide community-based behavioral and mental health services and supports to persons with mental illness, developmental disabilities and addictive disorders throughout Michigan. The CMHSPs are expected to serve more than 220,000 children and adults this year.

In addition, the department operates four adult state psychiatric hospitals for persons who have mental illnesses, one center for persons who have developmental disabilities, one children's psychiatric center, the state's Center for Forensic Psychiatry and, under a contractual agreement with the Department of Corrections, the Huron Valley Center, an inpatient program for prisoners.

Substance abuse services are provided through 16 substance abuse coordinating agencies in various locations throughout Michigan.

The department's Public Health Administration contracts with 45 local public health departments that serve all 83 Michigan counties. The local public health units assess health needs, promote and protect health, prevent disease, and assure access to appropriate care for all citizens.

The Office of Drug Control Policy administers federal funds in Michigan for drug law enforcement, treatment, education and prevention programs.

The Office of Services to the Aging promotes independence and enhances the dignity of Michigan's older persons and their families through advocacy, leadership, and innovation in policies, programs and services.

The Michigan Crime Victim Services Commission administers the crime victim rights fund, investigates and processes applications for crime victim compensation, and administers federal Victim of Crime Act grants.

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:

Accounting Assistant
Clinical Social Worker
Child Care Worker
Departmental Analyst/Specialist Worker
Domestic Service Aide
Forensic Security Assistants
Nurse Consultant
Health Care Surveyor
Laboratory Scientist
Maintenance Mechanic
Medicaid Utilization Analyst
Medical Benefits Reviewer
Practical Nurse-Licensed
Public Health Consultant
Registered Nurse
Registered Nurse Manager
Resident Care Aide
Resource Program Analyst
Rights Representative/Specialist
Regulation Agent
School Teacher

Central Office: Lansing, Detroit, Grand Rapids
Facilities: Caro, Kalamazoo, Northville,
Westland, and Ypsilanti

Michigan Department of Community Health
201 Townsend
Lansing, Michigan 48913
(517) 373-2057 (Voice)
(517) 373-3573 (TTY)



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The goal of the Michigan Department of Corrections (DOC) is to provide the greatest amount of public protection by isolating and supervising convicted felons. The DOC operates 37 prisons, supervises individuals on parole and probation and monitors individuals on home confinement with electronic devices. The DOC also operates the Special Alternative Incarceration program or “Boot Camp” for some first time offenders. In October 2006 the Tuscola Residential ReEntry Program (TRRP) was opened to further the efforts of the Michigan Prisoner ReEntry Program. The intent of the program is to enhance public safety and parolee success through assistance in their transition back to their communities.

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:

Corrections Officer
Corrections Medical Aide
Dental Hygienist
Food Service Leader
General Office Assistants
Industries Production Leader
Institution Chaplain
Parole/Probation Officer
Prison Counselor
Registered Nurse
School Teacher
Trades Instructor

Central Office: Grandview Plaza Building
206 E. Michigan
Lansing, Michigan 48906
Facilities and Field Offices: Across the state


Michigan Department of Corrections
Recruitment Division
7150 Harris Drive; Lansing, Michigan 48913
(517) 636-0780, (888) 820-7129 (Voice)



Economic Development Corporation

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Michigan means business. No state offers more to creative, energetic and dedicated businesspeople: great universities training the next generation of business leaders, a workforce recognized around the globe for its skills and work ethic and a business climate among the nation’s top ten. Add to this the great quality of life we enjoy and Michigan is the place to live and play, raise a family and grow a business.

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is the State of Michigan’s one-stop resource for businesses seeking to grow in Michigan, whether it’s an expansion, a relocation, or even a concern with another agency of state government. Our primary focus is to provide companies an Upper Hand in a very competitive and challenging 21st century global economy through a full complement of unique and innovative programs and services Travel Michigan, a division of the MEDC, is the State of Michigan’s official agency for the promotion of tourism. Travel Michigan collaborates with the state’s Destination Marketing Organizations (Convention & Visitors’ Bureaus, other regional marketing entities, and tourism-related state associations) to market Michigan and provide comprehensive visitor information services--with the overall goal to encourage people to visit and explore Pure Michigan and create and retain jobs in the state.

With a private sector board of directors comprised of business people, local economic developers and educators, the MEDC is a corporation, not a bureaucracy. We can bring together supply and demand, matching up resources and services with the needs of our business customers. The MEDC is made up of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our team includes: economic development and industry analysts and technicians, research specialists, portfolio and business development managers, community assistance representatives, marketing and communications professionals, information technology experts, Web site designers and much, much more.

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:





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The Department of Education, under the leadership of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, directs educational policies and provides assistance to public schools in Michigan. It is the administrative arm of the State Board of Education, implementing federal- and state-funded education mandates. The department is composed of offices providing consulting services to school districts and specialized services and outreach to help attain substantial and meaningful improvement in academic achievement for all students/children with primary emphasis on high priority schools and students.

Major department responsibilities include: certification of educators; student assessment and school accountability; and providing technical assistance to schools in the areas of: instruction, special education, school improvement, early childhood and family services, grants, and food programs. Additionally, the department operates the Michigan School for the Deaf.

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:

Accounting/Departmental Technician
Departmental Analyst/Specialist
Educational Consultant
Education Consultant Manager
Education Field Services Consultant
Education Research Consultant
Financial/Accounting Analyst/Specialist
Higher Education Consultant
Resident Care Aide
School Principal
School District Consultant
Special Education Consultant
Special Education Teacher
State Office Administrator
Vocational Education Consultant
Youth Specialist

Central Office: Lansing
School for the Deaf: Flint



Michigan Department of Education
Office of Human Resources
608 W. Allegan Street, P.O. Box 30008
Lansing, Michigan 48909
(517) 373-0794 (Voice), (517) 373-0322 (TTY)




Environmental Quality

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The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) protects and enhances Michigan's environment and public health. As stewards of Michigan's environmental heritage, the DEQ works on behalf of the people of the Great Lakes state for an improved quality of life and a sustainable future. In service to the public, we administer programs and enforce laws that protect public health and promote the appropriate use of, limit the adverse effects on, and restore the quality of the environment. We encourage voluntary actions to enhance our natural resources and the environment.  We preserve biologically diverse, rare, sensitive, or endangered plants, animals, and ecosystems through identification, education, management, and public/private partnerships and initiatives. We advance environmental protection through innovation and improvements to regulations and programs.

Michigan has long been a leader in protecting its citizens and natural resources from environmental degradation and pollution. The splendor of Michigan's natural heritage is evident in our Great Lakes vistas, shoreland beaches, 11,000 inland lakes, and 26,000 miles of streams and rivers.  The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), employs skilled and talented professionals dedicated to preserving our natural legacy and to providing exceptional public service.  The Human element is the DEQ’s most important resource.  We strive to create an enjoyable work environment that fosters teamwork and promotes leadership.  We invest in ourselves and our coworkers to ensure success.  We encourage creativity, innovation and personal growth.

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:

Aquatic Biologist
Conservation Officer
Engineering Technician
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Quality Analyst
General Engineer
Geological Technician
Hazardous Materials Storage Inspector
Laboratory Scientist
Laboratory Technician
Water Quality Technician

Central Office: Lansing
District Offices: Across the state

Department of Environmental Quality
Office of Human Resources
P.O. Box 30473; Lansing, Michigan  48909-7973
(517) 335-1100 (Voice)

Human Services

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The Department of Human Services helps individuals and families meet financial, medical, and social needs; helps people become self sufficient; and helps protect children and adults from abuse and neglect. DHS also provides foster care placement for children and supervises adoptive placement of state wards. It also provides placement and counseling to delinquent youths and services to runaway and homeless youths. The department works to prevent and investigate child and elder abuse and develops programs to address domestic violence. The agency distributes cash assistance and food stamps to low-income families and provides job training to help low-income families become self-supporting.

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:

Adult Foster Care Consultant
Child Day Care Consultant
Child Support Specialist
Department Analyst
Disability Examiner
Eligibility Specialist
Family Independence Manager
Family Independence/JET Specialist
Migrant Program Specialist
Quality Control Analyst
Regulation Agent
Resource Program Analyst
Services Specialist
Youth Aide
Youth Group Leader

Central Office: Lansing
Branch Offices: All Counties

Department of Human Services
Office of Human Resources, Suite 708
235 S. Grand Avenue; P.O. Box 30037
Lansing, Michigan 48909
(517) 373-8873 or (517) 373-7667 (Voice)
(517) 373-8071 (TTY)

Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

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LARA has four primary focuses: (1) Office of Regulatory Reinvention (ORR); (2) Licensing and Regulation; (3) Michigan Administrative Hearing System; and (4) Employment Security and Workplace Safety.

LARA oversees the licensing and regulation of more than 1.2 million Michigan individuals and entities on an annual basis, including 62 professions. It supports the health, safety and economic well-being of the public through services to, and regulation of, the activities of organizations and individuals.

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:

Accounting Technician
Administrative Law Examiner/Specialist
Economic Analyst
Rehabilitation Counselor/Consultant
Electrical Inspector
Employment Service Interviewer
Financial Institutions Examiner
Fire Safety Inspector
Hearings Reporter
Industrial Hygienist
Labor Mediator
Land Surveyor
Property Analyst
Public Utilities Engineer/Specialist
Regulation Agent
Unemployment Claims Examiner


Department of Labor and Economic Growth
Office of Human Resources
P.O. Box 30004; Lansing, Michigan 48909
(517) 373-4769 (Voice)


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The Bureau of State Lottery is within the Department of Treasury; we generate millions of dollars of revenue annually for the State School Aid Fund through the operation of a statewide lottery. The bureau licenses retailers that carry lottery products, makes payments to winning ticket holders, calculates and issues commission payments to retailers, and promotes the lottery to achieve maximum player awareness and participation. The bureau is also responsible for licensing and ensuring the proper conduct of gaming events such as bingo games, raffles, and millionaire parties that are used as a source of fundraising for charitable, non-profit organizations.

Our mission is:

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:

Accounting Technician
Communications Representative
Departmental Analyst
Departmental Technician
Financial Analyst
General Office Assistant
Lottery District Sales Representative
Lottery Regional Sales Manager
Promotional Specialist
Regulation Agent
State Administrative Manager
State Office Administrator

Central Office: Lansing
Regional Offices: Detroit, Dearborn Heights, Saginaw,
Sterling Heights and Grand Rapids

Bureau of State Lottery
Office of Human Resources
101 E. Hillsdale
P.O. Box 30023
Lansing, Michigan 48909
(517) 335-5601

Military & Veteran's Affairs

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The Department of Military & Veterans Affairs administers services to the Michigan National Guard, and cares for the needs of Michigan’s veterans. The department is comprised of the Michigan Army National Guard, Michigan Air National Guard, and the Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security Directorates.  Our vision is to be a proud military and veteran’s organization, characterized by excellence and integrity for the fulfillment of our duties to our nation, state and to one another. Our values include integrity, excellence, teamwork and accountability.

The Michigan National Guard is under the command of the Governor and is available to perform civil relief and supply combat-ready forces to the state and nation.  The department also administers two homes for veterans, with up to 1,000 residents; the Michigan Veterans’ Trust Fund; and the Michigan Youth ChalleNGe Academy. The Michigan Veterans Trust Fund provides veterans with temporary assistance during times of emergency, and tuition assistance for children of disabled veterans or veterans who have died during active duty. The Michigan Youth Challenge Academy provides education and life skills opportunities for at-risk youth.

The challenging and rewarding mission of DMVA is accomplished by a diverse team of military members, state and federal employees.  Over nine hundred state employees bring a wide range of skills to the team in the areas of maintenance, trades, health care, analysis, finance, engineering, administration, youth development, and more.

Job Locations For More Information:

Headquarters: Lansing
Veterans Homes: Grand Rapids and Marquette
National Guard Training Bases: Alpena, Battle Creek,
Grayling, and Mt. Clemens
Michigan Youth Challenge Academy: Battle Creek
National Guard Armories: Throughout the state

Department of Military & Veterans Affairs
State Human Resources Office
3423 North Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Lansing, MI 48906
Grand Rapids Home for Veterans – Human Resources (616) 364-5343
D.J. Jacobetti Home for Veterans – Human Resources (906) 226-3576
Lansing Headquarters – Human Resources (517) 481-7882

Michigan State Housing Development Authority

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The Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) provides a central location for Michigan citizens to reference when looking to improve their quality of life and create vibrant communities by focusing on providing safe, affordable housing through homeownership and rental programs; ending homelessness; and revitalizing neighborhoods and downtowns.

To achieve the objective of homeownership, MSHDA provides financial and technical assistance through public and private partnerships to create and preserve safe and decent affordable housing. In addition, MSHDA offers mortgage loan programs to assist low-to-moderate income families in purchasing a home. MSHDA also provides helpful information that assists homeowners who are experiencing financial difficulties or facing foreclosure through the Michigan Homeownership Counseling Network.

The challenge of revitalizing neighborhoods and downtowns is a large focus of MSHDA’s mission and is achieved through the Office of Community Development, the Michigan Main Street Center @ MSHDA program, and the Cities of Promise and Cool Cities initiatives. The objective of these programs is to assist communities in the revitalization of their neighborhoods, historic downtowns and traditional neighborhood commercial districts.

MSHDA’s fight to end homelessness begins with providing supportive housing by providing nonprofit and for-profit organizations with funding and technical assistance for developing or expanding rental housing targeted to households and/or special needs households with income at or below 30 percent of the average median income.

With over 300 employees at MSHDA representing a diverse set of skills, MSHDA provides a wonderful work environment where employees are encouraged to share in the development of safe, affordable housing and work to end homelessness and revitalize neighborhoods and downtowns. In addition, MSHDA offers a flexible work environment with great benefits.

MSHDA’s loans and operating expenses are financed through the sale of tax-exempt and taxable bonds and notes to private investors, not from state tax revenue.

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:

Administrative Law Specialist
Building Construction Superintendent
Departmental Analyst/Specialist/Manager
Departmental Technician
Financial Analyst/Specialist/Manager
Property Analyst/Specialist/Manager
State Division Administrator
State Office Administrator

Central Office – Lansing
Regional Office – Detroit

Central Office
P.O. Box 30044
Lansing, Michigan 48909
Telephone: (517) 373-8370
FAX (517) 335-4797

Detroit Office
P. O. Box 02990
Detroit, Michigan 48202
Telephone (313) 456-3540
FAX (313) 456-3571

TTY: (800) 382-4568

Natural Resources

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The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is committed to the conservation, protection, management, use, and enjoyment of the state’s natural resources. The DNR enforces laws governing the protection and regulation of wildlife, fisheries, forests, parks, recreation areas, minerals, and virtually all state-owned lands.

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:

Conservation Officer
Fisheries Biologist
Fisheries Technician
Forest Fire Officer
Forest Technician
Landscape Designer
Park Interpreter
Park and Recreation Ranger
Resources Analyst
Wildlife Assistant
Wildlife Biologist
Wildlife Technician

Central Office: Lansing
Field Offices: Most counties

Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Human Resources Division
P.O. Box 30028; Lansing, Michigan 48909
(517) 373-1207 (Voice)

Secretary of State

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The Michigan Department of State has contact with more Michigan residents than any other state agency. Customer service is the operative phrase of the secretary of state's office. The Department of State is committed to delivering modern, efficient, cost-effective and convenient service, achieved with innovation, technology, and the energy, vision and experience of its valuable team members. The department serves the citizens of Michigan with programs designed to administer driver and vehicle systems, enhance traffic safety, protect consumers, ensure integrity of records maintained and oversee the statewide elections process.

The Department of State is a complex, diversified agency performing a wide variety of activities and services for millions of Michigan residents each year. You are sure to find this a great place to work!

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:

Administrative Law Examiner
Department of State Aide
Department of State Branch Supervisor
Departmental Analyst
Regulation Agent
State Services Assistant
State Worker

Central Office: Lansing
Branch Offices: Counties across the state

Michigan Department of State
Office of Human Resources
430 W. Allegan, P.O. Box 30775
Lansing, Michigan 48909-8275
(517) 335-6500


State Police

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The Michigan State Police (MSP) is a leader and a partner in providing public safety and law enforcement services for Michigan’s citizens. The department investigates criminal activity, patrols Michigan roads to ensure public safety, and operates state-of-the-art forensic laboratories. The MSP also enforces trucking laws and inspects school buses for safety. In addition, the MSP advises citizens on property security and crime prevention, conducts arson investigations, and coordinates statewide emergency disaster relief efforts. The State Police works with local and federal agencies to prevent and investigate a multitude of crimes, including computer crimes, identify theft, mortgage fraud, auto theft, organized crime, and drug trafficking.

Join the Michigan State Police as we continue our proud tradition of SERVICE through EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY, and COURTESY.

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:

Emergency Dispatcher
Fingerprint Technician
Forensic Scientist
Forensic Technician
Motor Carrier Investigator
Motor Carrier Officer
State Police Detective
State Police Lieutenant
State Police Sergeant
State Police Trooper
State Properties Security Officer
Vehicle Safety Inspector

Administrative Office: East Lansing
District Offices and Posts


Michigan Department of State Police
714 South Harrison Road
East Lansing, Michigan 48823
(517) 332-2521


Technology Management & Budget

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Through customer service, resource optimization and the innovative use of information and technology, DTMB impacts every area of government. Behind the scenes, our broad spectrum of responsibility, ranging from procurement and facilities management to technology solutions, is improving how Michigan interacts with citizens and businesses on a daily basis. Home to the Office of Retirement Services, DTMB also serves over 580,000 retirees and active employees. If you want to see how Michigan is transforming the business of state government, you've come to the right place!

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:

Automotive Mechanic
Building Construction Project Superintendent
Financial Analyst/Specialist
Information Technology Programmer/ Analyst
Maintenance Mechanic
Motor Vehicle Operator
Reproduction Machines Operator

Central Office: Lansing
Other Offices: Detroit and Diamondale

Department of Technology Management and Budget
Human Resources Division
P.O. Box 30026; Lansing, Michigan 48909
(517) 373-1000 (Voice)



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The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is responsible for providing integrated transportation services for the economic benefit and improved quality of life for all Michigan citizens.  The department develops and implements a comprehensive transportation plan for the entire state that includes all modes of public transportation. The department has jurisdiction over approximately 9,700 miles of state highways (U.S., I, and M routes) and more than 4,500 bridges (3,200 freeway and 1,300 non-freeway). MDOT’s Passenger Programs include local transit, intercity bus, passenger rail, and marine.  The department oversees funds for public transportation systems in all 83 Michigan counties. In addition, MDOT services the needs of airports, pilots, air travelers and other airport customers. 

MDOT employees are responsible for planning, designing, and operating streets, highways, bridges, transit systems, airports, railroads and ports to provide for the safe, rapid, comfortable, economical, convenient, and environmentally safe movement of people and goods.  Employees provide professional and technical assistance to local public transit providers and oversee the expenditure of state funds for these agencies.

With almost 3,000 employees, MDOT offers career opportunities to workers with a wide range of skills.    Whether you are interested in a job as a transportation engineer, maintenance worker, planner or an accountant, MDOT has a career for you.  Below is a list of some of the job titles available with MDOT.

MDOT is widely recognized as an outstanding place to work, where creativity is high, team members are valued and careers are challenging and promote growth and development.  Sharing the core set of values centered on quality, integrity, teamwork, customer orientation and pride, MDOT is a great place to do great work.  The department offers a flexible work environment, many work locations available throughout the state with great benefits.

MDOT strives to provide Michigan with a safe, efficient and seamless transportation system that grows Michigan’s economy, protects Michigan families, and improves the quality of life in every Michigan community.

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:

Bridge Worker
Construction Aide
Construction Technician
Departmental Analyst
Drafting Technician
Engineering Technician
Heavy Equipment Mechanic
Land Surveyor
Property Analyst
Railroad Safety Inspector
Surveying Technician
Traffic Technician


Michigan Department of Transportation
Office of Human Resources
P.O. Box 30050; Lansing, Michigan 48909
(517) 373-1620 (Voice)


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The Michigan Department of Treasury collects, invests, and disburses all state monies.  The Department also administers major tax laws, property tax laws, and safeguards the credit of the state and its local units of government.  Treasury also invests retirement funds for state employees, public school employees, state police and judges.  In addition, Treasury distributes revenue sharing monies to local units of government, audits municipal finance records, and reunites abandoned property with its rightful owners.  Treasury staff also provides support services to programs and authorities such as the Michigan Education Trust, Michigan Education Savings Program, Michigan Higher Education Assistance Authority, Michigan Municipal Bond Authority, Michigan State Hospital Finance Authority, State Assessors Board, State Tax Commission, and others.

Typical Job Titles Job Locations For More Information:

Account Examiner
Accounting Technician
Calculations Assistant
Department Analyst
Financial Analyst
Higher Education Consultant
Office Supervisor
Property Analyst
Treasury Customer Service Representative
Treasury Investment Analyst/Specialist

Central Office: Lansing
Field Offices: Detroit, Escanaba, Flint, Grand Rapids,
Saginaw, Sterling Heights and Traverse City
Out of State Offices: California, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Texas

Michigan Department of Treasury
Office of Human Resources
430 W. Allegan Street
Lansing, Michigan 48922